d_art_001 : open call/arte nova – group show

opening: wednesday 1 july 2015, 18:00-22:00 hrs
exhibition: 2-5 july 2015, 13:00-18:00 hrs
location: artenova building, hendrik consciencestraat 56, mechelen, belgium

i’m very pleased to have been selected for this group exhibition with 46 artists including andré catalão, alexandra crouwers, lara dhondt, kurt ryslavy, niels vaes, lut vanautgaerden and frederik van simaey. check out the four large wall paintings that i created for this show! these murals double as a backdrop for four of my recent paintings on canvas and the whole installation questions the relationship between abstract art, pattern design and decoration.

pink blush – solo show

opening: saturday 27 june 2015 from 18:00 hrs
exhibition: sunday 28 june, 15:00-19:00 hrs
location: e juweelier, kortrijksepoortstraat 65, ghent, belgium

e juweelier is a terrific gallery in ghent that focuses on ‘jewelry, thoughts and objects’. in the weekend of 27 and 28 june they host a solo show with an extensive selection of recent paintings on panel and canvas by none other than … moi. pink blush, black mascara or red lipstick? that’s up to you, but be there or be square!
e juweelier

heute bin ich mit dir – group show

timing: 27 february-5 june 2015
location: gerechtsgebouw, parklaan 25, hasselt, belgium

some of my paintings are included in a group exhibition with works by recently graduated students of pxl-mad. the exhibition is held in the new court house building in hasselt and the other participating artists are ignace cami, katrien claes, natalia drobot, eline de boiserie, manu engelen and eveline lambrechts. well worth a look!

vonk – annual exhibition

timing: 6-8 march 2015
location: former blokker store, genk, belgium

for the yearly exhibition of vonk i have created an impromptu wall painting and there are also some of my recent canvases on show. the other participating artists are simon bollen, katrien claes, frederique culot, noortje de la haye and willem kissembeek, elias ghekiere, hanne haesevoets, joke hansen, brecht koelman, maak (robbert ramaekers and rogier rensen), griet moors, marnik neven, öznur özturk, joris perdieus, remco roes, tom lambeens, felix orru and pavel solórzano, willem vrancken, waaaw (julio colomo and sana pantos) and yannick wijnants. the show is curated by lies serdons and over the weekend there is also an extensive program of (dance) performances.

preparture – group exhibition

timing: 3-26 october 2014
location: kunstencluster willem II fabriek, den bosch, the netherlands

my latest wall installation is shown at the ‘preparture’ exhibition in the former willem II cigar factory in den bosch. it consists of a large wall painting and superimposed panel paintings. the other participating artists are martijn grooten, rosalinde van ingen schenau, cecilia rebergen, 2bk (marieke busser & patricia smits), esther hoogendijk, eva de jong, harm ronald maris, janneke kornet, marleen huijsmans, rijnder kamerbeek, sanne kabalt, sebastiaan noort and tessa chaplin. the ‘preparture’ project is part of a triptych over the course of three years. to be continued …

vonk on wheels: modern man in search of a soul

timing: 22-23 august 2014
location: capucienenplein square, hasselt, belgium

on 22 and 23 august i will show new work in a site hut that is located on the capucijnenplein square in hasselt. the site hut will be transformed into an oversized diorama with playful sculptures that flirt with the visual language of both classical antiquity and modernist sculpture. this exhibition is a part of ‘vonk on wheels’, an exhibition and performance programme that is organised on the occasion of ‘de unie hasselt-genk’, an art project that is held this summer in the two characteristic belgian limburg centre cities of hasselt and genk.
vonk on wheels

poetic justice: solo show in antwerp – finissage on may 25th, 2014

timing: 2-25 may 2014
location: caps – ruimte 34, cobdenstraat 34, antwerp, belgium

paul poelmans of caps (contemporary art projects) staged this solo show that also takes part in the ‘borger’ art project in the municipalities borgerhout and berchem in antwerp. the finissage is on sunday may 25th, 14:00-18:00 hrs with a dance performance by matthias lauwers at 16:00 hrs and at 17:00 hrs. the perfomer will enter into a dialogue with the exhibited paintings, evoking the tension between geometrical abstraction and figurative elements. choreography by véronique alberghs and matthias lauwers with the collaboration of iris vrints.

in the work of véronique alberghs we find echoes of themes and stylistic features gathered from the whole of art history. for one thing she is fascinated by the sublime, seemingly timeless nature of the art and architecture of classical antiquity. she incorporates these and other images in peculiar, fragmented compositions that are profoundly marked by the preparatory collages. alberghs’s latest solo show unfolds as an intense dialogue between murals and autonomous compositions on wooden panels, but also between figurative and abstract elements. this leads to a complex and intriguing installation that entices the viewer to engage in a true delirium of interpretations. (text: peter pollers/photo: iris vrints)
text by indra devriendt (in dutch)


art project at flacc

timing: 25 january 2014
location: flacc, andré dumontlaan 2, genk, belgium

i recently participated in a fun project by artist stijn van dorpe at flacc workplace for visual artists in genk. this project involved a cooperation between local school children and artists jan marechal, joke hansen ado hamelrijck, hubert ubachs, christianne jacobs, gaby martens, jetty van campenhout, herman leroux & moi!
photography by tomas uyttendaele


donkervonk – group exhibition

timing: 5-6 october 2013
location: kleinstraat 19, hasselt, belgium


klassiek, modern, postmodern? – lecture on my work by peter pollers

timing: 8 october 2013, 20:00 hrs
location: cultuurcentrum de bogaard, capucienessenstraat 8, 3800 sint-truiden, belgium
de bogaard


fuzzy logic – solo exhibition

timing: 27 september-30 october 2013
location: cultuurcentrum de bogaard, capucienessenstraat 8, sint-truiden, belgium
de bogaard

Zonder titel, 2013, detail van muurschildering, CIAP, Hasselt

ik zie, ik zie – group exhibition

timing: 14 september-24 november 2013
location: ciap, armand hertzstraat 21 bus 1, hasselt, belgium

Zonder titel, 2013, muurschildering, Derde Jaarlijkse Vonk Expo, Hasselt

vonk – third annual exhibition

timing: 13-15 september 2013
location: gelatinefabriek, armand hertzstraat 21, hasselt, belgium